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15 May 2018

Information about my current studies and future plans

by samip5

Some people might already know that I’m a last year student at Spesia Vocational Collage and I’ll be graduating this summer from Business and Information technology.

The school has changed it’s name just before I started studying there and then before I graduate as the school was called Validia Vocational Collage before.

The first year of studies was pretty boring as I already know some of the contents of the studies.

The 2nd year of studies was more interesting as I got to the programming class which was pretty fun even though we ended up coding our own mod with a friend of mine as a thesis. That took most of the time from that class and our free time as well. We spent multiple days working on it, but it was in working condition when it needed to be which was a pretty good thing.

The 3rd and last year of studies were mostly spent in on-the-job learning period where I was working at Winpos Oy (link: which is located in Helsinki. That was fun and I really liked to work there. The period lasted for around 3 months, but the time flied by really quickly. After the period, I was mostly at home, as I only had a few days a week of school left. It shouldn’t really bother me much, but the thing is that when your social life is dependent on work or school, it kinda annoys you when you don’t have that anymore really and instead you’re just alone at home, trying to find ways to keep yourself busy. The school does not really have anything that’s challenging at this point in the studies which is sad as I would have wanted to do something that’s challenging even if I don’t necessity need to be at school as I get to choose if I go there or not.

Future plans

I have applied to a few universities, one of which is a far far away from my current city and even further from my family and relatives, but that’s not a real problem for me at the moment at least. My main problem currently is to get in first, after that I can think of where to start looking for a apartment and then I really need to find that said apartment and be able to afford it too.

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