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7 June 2018

Done with entrance exams and information about the history of my websites

by samip5

I’m writing this from the train ride back to the capital area of Finland.

I have now been to 3 kinda different entrance exams(Bachelor of Humanities and BBA), and I really hope that I would get in to the latest one which was 6 hour train ride away from the capital area. The one which was a long train ride away is the only one which offers a specialization in Datacenter operations which is the one that interests me the most as I already do server administration and maintenance as a hobby. That’s also one of the reasons why I actually even have my own website to begin with.

I have a feeling that the idea of making my own website started from my interest in I.T from a very early age. I have had my own website, hosted on multiple different platforms (including my own ESXi environment) and domains since 2013, or maybe even longer as I can’t remember when was the first time to be honest.

Now all I can do is just wait for the results and in the mean time, try and do something useful. :)

tags: studies - future - universities - my-past