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7 August 2018

Situation update regarding studies and more

by samip5

I have received the information that I did not get into any universities though the studyinfo joint-applications, so now I’m trying though the open-application to get into Turku’s University of Applied Sciences.

I should hear back in a few weeks time, so let’s hope that I do get in though that.

I attended the Assembly Summer 2018 event last weekend and it was fun while it lasted, I got to test HTC Vive (VR-headset) which was interesting as I had only used Oculus Rift before and I can say that Vive is much better than Oculus. I even got addicted to a game called Beat Saber, so now I would want to get myself one. Unfortunately, currently I couldn’t even use it in my room even if I had it due to it’s space requirements and system plus it’s price tag. I need to go to a place where I could play with it.

tags: studies - future - universities